How to Pack a Weekend Bag for a Weekend Trip

It’s always fun to go on a trip and explore or visit friends and family but the planning process might not always be as fun. Packing for a short trip can be overwhelming as you try to decide what to pack or anticipate what items you’ll need. I find it particularly hard to pack for any trip or any reason. It is just too much of a hassle. When packing for a trip even a weekend trip you have to take into account that you will do daytime and nighttime activities like exploring, going to the beach, dining out etc. By the time you take all these into consideration you would already have too many outfits and accessories that can’t all fit into a normal sized bag. The story of my life. Thankfully, there are tips and cardinal rules of packing for a weekend trip or longer trips that we can follow to help us with the problem of excess baggage.

Choose Your Suitcase Wisely

The best place to start is with your choice of suitcase or travel bag. Choosing a travel bag that’s the right size, capacity and style will go a long way in making your packing and trip in general easier and convenient. There are One of a Kind Bags designed just for weekend trips that cater to these needs. One of a Kind Bags are usually made specifically for weekend trips or day trips or other specific travel purposes. For example, they are the right size for hand luggage purposes but that doesn’t mean they have a small capacity.

Be Strategic

Once you have chosen the right suitcase or bag then you have to start putting your items together strategically. Try to pack a few transitional pieces that can work well for both day and nighttime activities. When putting your belongings into your luggage, start by grouping similar items based on their size and weight. Place shoes at the bottom of your luggage, near the wheels, and place your stacks of clothes on top. The best and proven way to keep accessories, toiletries, and other small items is by placing them inside smaller pouches or cases. Be sure to pack your passport, credit cards, and medications you might need and pack them beforehand. The last thing you need is to remember when it’s too late and then you end up running around before a flight. Many flights have been missed for reasons like this and even less, do not make an example of yourself. If you are running out of space, remember that basics and toiletries can be purchased at your new location or if you’re staying in a hotel they will be provided.

Use Plastic Bags to Simplify Packing

I already mentioned this but they deserved to be further emphasized. Plastic bags are very useful when packing for long trips especially but not many people seem to know this. Do not underestimate the power of a plastic bag. Saller plastic bags can be used to pack things like toiletries and jewelry and bigger plastic bags can double as laundry hampers on short trips. They are also great for compartmentalizing your luggage. You can plan outfits and put the different outfits for different days in separate plastic bags before putting them in your suitcase.

Pack Accessories to add Variety

When you’re going on a weekend trip, packing clothing that are in the neutral color palettes like tans, blacks, whites, and grays can help maximize your options of outfits while keeping the space of your suitcase or bag manageable. And this is where accessories become useful. You can pack various accessories to help brighten and add color to your look.

Repurpose Outfits

One of the best ways to repurpose an outfit when traveling is to wear the same outfit on both your going and returning flight. This will help you conserve space. When choosing your travel outfit irrespective of mode or travel (plane, bus, train or a road trip) make sure you pick something comfortable. If you’re traveling by plane and you need to check in bags, try to wear your heaviest items like your winter coats (if it’s cold) or your big heavy boots on the plane. The plane is usually always chilly and it even gets colder on longer flights so layering your clothes is also a good idea.

Pack what you normally wear

It’s a common and quite hilarious habit to pack items you don’t normally wear in your day to day life when you’re going on a trip. Stay clear of this habit because it always leads to overpacking. Stay true to what you normally wear and pack these items when you travel. You’ll be more comfortable in them. Also, you could pack basics, like a pair of jeans, white t-shirt, and a blazer. These basics can be easily styled with many other items and are always a well put together look.

Pack Ahead of Time

Do not wait until the last minute to pack. I repeat, do not wait until the last minute. Be prepared beforehand and you will thank yourself for being so proactive. Also, prepare by planning your entire trip and knowing a few things about where you are visiting. Do some research about your destination ahead of time. Even if you’re a spontaneous or exploratory traveler, it always helps to have some idea of what you want to do, especially when it comes to securing reservations or booking a place to stay. Even if it’s just a business trip for a few days, research a little and if you are traveling to a city where a different language is spoken, it helps to learn some basics like how to say “Please, Thank you, Hello, where can I get a taxi, Please help me I’m lost etc”

Pack Light

Last but not least, try to pack light and don’t stress about it. Stick to the basics, pack ahead of time, make a list of that’ll help you be more organized and remember to have a good time.