When the Weather is Cold, Turn to Weathered Booties for Babies

Do you believe the saying – Everything old is new again – ? I truly think there are several ways this can be interpreted and are applicable today. I try to take some of them and apply them to my life as a mom and wife.

As I have made preparations at different times for my children, both before and after they came, I tried to think about being more grounded. For instance, I found these weathered booties that reminded me of old-fashioned moccasins. They were made of natural leather, hand sewn and perfect for many of the activities our family participated in. It is important that I have natural materials around me, it may seem like a hard thing to do, and it does take an extra bit of effort, but these items tend to last longer. This helps me feel like I am doing something good for the environment by not wasting and going through unnecessary extras.

Weathered Booties

I remember going through my mom’s closet and picking out things that she used to wear and finding that I didn’t stand out too much; sort of making a fashion statement without making a fashion blunder. Luckily, she kept a lot of the cutest baby clothes that are now being used again. So, the hand-me-downs are happening, and I have no guilt about it at all. And, doesn’t it seem to you that clothes made years and years ago seem to last longer, and the colors are still vibrant? If anyone can explain this to me I would love to know!

Repurposing is also a way to be earth conscious and show your children that not everything should be thrown away immediately. I have fallen in love with how many repurposing ideas there are out there. I thought I was pretty savvy in the ways of not being wasteful, but some moms out there have concepts that I hadn’t even begun to think about, from furniture, platter ware, lamps and baskets. All it takes is a little research, creativity and a hot glue gun (or so I’ve been told).

Weathered Booties

To go along with clichés and saying – Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Although interpreted and repeated a little differently throughout the years, the saying is quite pertinent to us today, and something that we should be passing along to the younger generations. For me personally, I do appreciate learning through mistakes that other people have made, thus freeing me from going through them myself. We can also learn from successes of our parents or others when it comes to raising our families, planning for the future and dealing with past hardships. The old ways are new again.

Many people have taken this last lesson and moved it to an active role by doing old-fashion farming and growing their own foods. They have also turned back to older ways of cooking; using things like cast iron and down-home herbs. I kind have to bring this up because my husband is standing over my shoulder and says I don’t talk enough about food. He would love to see me doing more like pioneer women, and getting in touch with my old roots, but I have to take baby steps in this arena.

Weathered Booties

What I have been working on is being more informed about what I can do to be friendly to the earth, especially with my children. I have learned more about things like composting, making sure that I respect what I am in charge of and not wasting. Being grounded to the earth is a big part of who I am and where I’m going in life, surrounding myself with natural aspects is important and I have a great support system for this.

Some of you may think I’ve gone a little overboard, but I would never push this on those that are not ready to make this kind of commitment. Everyone has their own path, and if I could suggest one little thing it would be help ground your child. This may sound a little weird, but that is why I started this post with the weathered booties: providing a little bit of nature that takes us back to our roots, providing us with a way to feel nature around us and providing just a little more protection to our babies’ feet.

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